Dota 2's The International 2017 to Be Broadcast in India on Dsport

The International is Valve’s annual Dota two tournament. It’s widely considered the most prestigious event of the year with its latest event, The International 2017 (TI7) having a prize pool of around $24 million.

And while it’s streamed live on the Internet via Twitch and YouTube, the business has realised that there’s a bigger audience to target. In an endeavor to do so, TI7 will soon be broadcast on television in India on Discovery’s brand new sports channel Dsport. This is a first for Dota 2 in India.

Even though TI7’s grand finals are live from 2:30am IST on Sunday, August 13, Dsport will soon be broadcasting it from 11am IST on exactly the exact same day. The cause of this move is to keep the multiplayer online battle stadium (MOBA) accessible to newcomers.

“The core audience for Dota 2 is like the test match cricket watching crowd in India and they’ll see it as it happens live. Our aim is to receive the IPL audience to see it,” says Nodwin’s Akshat Rathee into Gadgets 360. Nodwin is Valve’s spouse in India and is working with Dsport to make this possible.

Doubling back on accessibility seems to be of importance with Dsport’s broadcast of TI7 will comprise Valve’s Newcomer Stream to aid understanding of the intricacies of Dota 2.

“95 percent of TI7 is because you would see it worldwide,” Rathee tells us. Which means that fans new and old can breathe easy. In terms of the five percent? There will be several regional additions such as views from local bar stomps and a predictions segment also.

With Dsports successfully showing neighborhood ESL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches, Dota 2 seems like a logical step forward. More so with TI7 and attention the event garners.